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Contact the ATNBC President if you are interested in serving on one of the following committees.


Conference Committee 

  • Organize and stage the annual ATNBC conference.  The ATNBC Vice-President will chair this committee.

Legislative Issues Committee  

  • Keep up with current legislation of interest to NBCTs and other members of ATNBC.

  • Keep the membership informed on current events and activities that may impact issues important to elite educators and might require an organized response or action.  

  • Report its activities on a regular basis and in a timely manner through the ATNBC website.

Membership/Nominations Committee

  • Keep current records of membership and send email reminders about membership renewal at the appropriate time.  

  • Assist the Public Relations Committee in promoting the ATNBC around the state.

  • Solicit nominations for officers and board positions from the membership.

  • Be responsible for the election process at the annual ATNBC conference.

Technology/Communications Committee 

  • Be responsible for keeping the association web site current and posting any news that affects the group.

NBPTS Relations Committee

  • Closely follow NBPTS news and developments and communicate important events and issues to the ATNBC membership.
  • Serve as the contact persons for the NBPTS affiliates network and report all network news.

Public Relations Committee

  • Promote the ATNBC around the state in concert with the membership committee.

  • Produce flyers, brochures, and other literature to build the organization's membership and promote its events and agenda.