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Article I

The organization shall be called the Arkansas Teachers for National Board Certification (ATNBC)

Article II

The organization is committed to the achievement of all students in the state; the mission of ATNBC is to promote excellence in teaching through:

  • Advocacy of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) standards and certification process
  • Provision of an educational and support network for collaboration on research and accomplished practice
  • Opportunities for leadership in education

Article III

The membership of ATNBC will consist of NBPTS certified teachers, NBPTS candidates, NBPTS facilitators and other interested parties who have paid dues and who follow the ethical guidelines of the NBPTS.

Officers will be elected by the Membership at the annual meeting.  These officers will be:

  • President
  • Vice-President/President Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Historian

Article IV

The Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended by the officers through a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Membership present at the annual meeting provided that all members have been notified at least ten days in advance of the date of the meeting that an amendment is to be offered.  All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Officers.



Article I

All Arkansas resident NBCTs and NB candidates are considered members of the ATNBC Network.

Article II

The Membership of the ATNBC will meet at least once annually. 

Article III

The Board of Directors will meet quarterly and at other times as deemed necessary to carry out the mission of the ATNBC. 

Article IV

In order to maintain an office, a member must miss no more than two (2) of the quarterly scheduled meetings unless excused upon appeal to the Officers. 

Article V

Officers are elected to one-year terms.

The responsibilities of each office are listed below:

  • President – preside over all meetings and oversee work of all committees
  • Vice-President/President-Elect –serve in the absence of the President and oversee planning for the annual meeting of the membership and serve as President the following year
  • Secretary – maintain records of all meetings and provide recorded
  • minutes to Officers at each meeting
  • Treasurer – maintain records of all financial transactions and give a report to the Officers at each meeting
  • Historian – maintain records of the history of the organization that
  • includes photographs, video and other important documents. 

Board Membership Representatives:

Legislative Issues Representative– 1 year term - This representative will be in charge of keeping up with current legislation that would be of interest to NBCT's and the other members of ATNBC. He/she will keep the membership informed about current events and activities that the group may want to be involved in and report regularly to the technology committee in order to get their findings to the group through the website.

Membership/Nominations Representative–2 year term - This representative will keep current records of membership and send e-mail reminders about renewal of membership at the appropriate times. This representative will also be in charge of promoting the ATNBC around the state and work together to produce a flyer and other information that can be used to induce others to join the association. Additionally, oversee nominations for the offices and board positions each year. He/she will take nominations from the website and share them with the membership through e-mail and be in charge of the election process at the annual conference.

Technology/Communications Representative– 1 year term - This committee will be responsible for keeping the association web site current and posting any news that affects the group.

NBPTS Relations Representative– 2 year term - This representative will be responsible for keeping up with NBPTS news and developments that ATNBC needs to be aware of and sharing that information through the website. He/she will also be the contact group for the NBPTS affiliation network and report to them all required information about the network.

Past President– 1 year term- This representative will provide support to the board based upon experiences as ATNBC President. He/she will support the board as they carry out ATNBC's mission and carry out assignments appointed by the president

Public Relations Representative- This representative will work to promote ATNBC throughout Arkansas via a variety of communications with school district administrators and teachers. The committee will work closely with the Technology/Communications committee to ensure the ATNBC information is distributed to ATNBC members and potential members.

Network Affiliate Liaisons- NBPTS Network Liaisons are designated by the NBPTS office. Network Liaisons will provide technical support to the Board to help ATNBC carry out the mission of providing leadership opportunities, continue to develop a support network, and promote advocacy of NBPTS standards and certification in the state of Arkansas.

Article VI

The President, with the support of the Officers, may constitute or dissolve any standing and temporary committees a deemed necessary. The president shall name the committee.